Firefighter Grants

As part of Brian's mission, we offer grants to those who want to become firefighters in the community. Not only does this grant benefit the recipient, but it also benefits the communities these fire departments serve. Grants are an integral part of keeping fire departments functional and well-equipped with firefighter accountability tags, systems, and boards. Firefighter grants are an important part of a larger commitment to constantly improving their ability to protect those within the community and give them the support they need to put out dangerous fires.

If you are looking to become a firefighter, but need assistance in doing so, look no further than our organization. We pride ourselves by offering firefighter grants that help those in the Somerset community and throughout New Jersey achieve their dreams. Not everyone has the resources in order to become a firefighter, but with our grants you have the ability to become the person you want to be.

Donate Grants to Community Members Wanting to Become Firefighters

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With our firefighter grants, you will get the funding necessary to go through training in order to become a firefighter. We understand how difficult it is, but we are proud of each individual applying for the grant. Just like Brian, they want to help the community that surrounds them. And want to do all they can in order to keep friends and family safe. Brian left us too soon, but we hope his legacy lives on through the grants we provide community members.

Brian's legacy and mission does not stop at firefighter grants. We also offer grants for those wishing to become EMTs, as well as purchase police dogs for agencies that recently lost a dog in the line of duty, provide service dogs to veterans and first responders and partner with local shelters to provide emotional support animals to veterans and first responders.