Our Programs

Addiction Support For Veterans and First Responders

It is our goal to provide the necessary resources for our veterans and first responders to get the help they need. Sadly, many veterans suffer from addiction and do not get the help and resources they so greatly deserve. So if you are looking for addiction support geared for veterans, here are some hot lines and websites to help.

Hot Lines:
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): 800-662-4357
Drug Abuse hotline: 866-685-4790
Al-Anon and Ala-teen hotline line: 800-356-9996
National Suicide Prevention: 800-273-8255
Boys Town: 800-448-3000 (TDD) line for the speech and hearing impaired (800-448-1833)


K9 Replacement

It is our goal to raise enough funds annually to purchase police dogs for agencies that recently lost a dog in the line of duty. Every year hundreds of police dogs are injured and killed in the line of duty. Additionally, there are dogs that have to retire due to age and illness. The training of police dogs is costly and time-consuming, which results in an inadequate number of dogs ready to fill in the gaps. And many K9 handlers are left without a partner and in dire need of a professional replacement. Being able to replace these police dogs can go a long way. So, we pride ourselves in offering help with K9 replacement for officers and police dog adoption for those who serve.

Service Dogs For Veterans

Due to the prevalence of PTSD and mental illness among our veterans, and the overwhelming stress that our first responders deal with on a regular basis, there is an increasingly widespread need for well-trained service dogs to help improve their lives. It is our goal to help fill this need and help with the adoption of emotional support animals and service dogs for first responders and veterans. Getting these people the help they need is part of our mission and we do all we can to help.

Police Officer, Firefighter & EMT Training

Our goal is to raise enough funds to be able to help pay the costs to train individuals who wish to be a police officer, firefighter, or EMT, and to contribute to those already in the field needing additional training and/or equipment. As a police donation website, we pride ourselves in helping officers get the training they need and may not otherwise have the opportunity of completing. We are proud of the work we do and the people we help through our organization and funding and through our website you can donate to firefighters, police officers and EMTs equally.

Donations for Scholarships

It is our goal to consistently raise enough funds to provide scholarships to individuals who want to go into criminal justice, law enforcement, or legal fields. So if you are looking to donate toward scholarships to help young kids in need, do so in the memory of Brian Kanterman. This is one of the missions of our campaign and we aim to help as many people as we can. Learn more about scholarship donations.

EMT, Firefighter & Police Officer Grants

In the same vein as donating to scholarships, our website offers you the opportunity to donate to grants for EMTs, firefighters, and police officers. You can help many young people achieve their dreams by becoming public servers. As an EMT grants provider, we are proud to be able to give back to the community and help those who want to become EMTs get the help they are looking for.

Go Bags

It is our goal to provide go bags to deserving first responders. These go-bags consist of a gear bag, a ballistic first aid kit, hand cuffs, a flashlight, a knife, note pads and pens. We pride ourselves in helping the police officers in our community get the help and care they deserve.

Not For Profit Donations

All of the donations made through our website are not for profit. They go directly to police officers, firefighters, EMTs, veterans and more people in need of help.

To learn more about our programs, please reach out to us today. We will gladly answer any questions you have about any of the programs we partner with, as well as details on the various addiction support lines available to those in need.

To make a donation and give back to those who give so selflessly to protect and serve please click here.