K9 Replacement For Officers

K9 Replacement

As part of Brian's mission, our website helps police officers with K9 replacement. Agencies and precincts that recently lost a dog in the line of duty can purchase police dogs through our cause. We are proud of the work that we do and the people that we help. At Remembering Brian K, we understand that losing a K9 office is the line of duty is a proudly affecting circumstance for the handler, the department, and the whole community in where the K9 worked.

In order to honor those K9s who have sacrificed their name in the protection of other, much like how Brian did, our foundation helps to fund a K9 replacement for those agencies and officers. Helping to ease the pain and burden of trying to find a suitable canine. Our program is open to any eligible office or agency that is actively looking for a K9 replacement. Apply today for our K9 replacement program. We are honored of the work we do and the help we provide officers.

Our Goal

At Remembering Brian K, it is our ultimate goal to raise enough funds annually in order to purchase police dogs for agencies that recently lost a dog in the line of duty. Each year, hundreds of police dogs get injured or sick and can no longer effectively perform their duty. Or worse, these canines are killed in the line of duty.

But the circumstances do not always need to be tragic in order to require a replacement for a K9 police dog. There are dogs that retire simply due to old age.

Training new police dogs is a costly and time-consuming process. And due to its difficulty, there are always a small number of dogs ready to fill on those much-needed gaps. Which leaves K9 handlers short and without a partner. So, being able to quickly and ably replace these police dogs can go a long way to helping the precinct. Everyone at Remembering Brian K prides themselves on offering help with K9 replacement and the adoption process for those who serve. It is our privilege to help those who serve and provide them with the care and attention that they require.

We also do more work that K9 replacement for officers. Check out all of our programs, where you can donate to wonderful causes such as service dogs for vets, donations for scholarships, and emotional support animals for veterans.