EMT Grants Provider

Donate Today in the Spirit of Brian's Service

As a non-profit organization, we are proud to give back to the community and be a provider for EMT grants. Through our website, we provide community members the opportunity to give back and donate for EMT grants. Allowing young people the chance to achieve their dreams and get the training they need to become an EMT.

Your donation, regardless of its size, helps us keep Brian’s spirit of service alive, while also giving back to the community he loved to serve. Click below to Donate.

We thank you for your contribution. Every donation goes a long way in helping the community. Other programs we donate to include K9 replacement, police dog adoption and service dogs for veterans. Helping those in need in our community is our #1 goal. Check out all of the programs we support and give a little back to your community if you can.

Importance of EMT Grants

EMT grants are important in general, because they help emergency medical services providers purchase equipment, protective gear, emergency vehicles, training and more. All things necessary in assisting and protecting emergency personnel. With our EMT grants, we aim to cover most if not all of the education and training for prospective employees. By doling out these grants, we allow towns, cities, schools, and other entities to prepare for emergencies by supporting training and equipment that eases preparedness and/or pays the salaries of emergency works.

EMT grants are vital in sustaining these necessary community services. So when you donate, you are ensuring the community is ably protected. Access to emergency medical services is a lifesaving operation and without proper EMT training, lives in the community can be lost. At Remembering Brian Kanterman, we are proud to be able to help those in the community and allow for a way for many to get the training they want. Brian loved being a public servant and that is why it is our mission to honor his memory by setting up this foundation.

So if you are looking for an opportunity to win this grant, please reach out to us about eligibility. We will get back to you with all of the necessary details regarding this grant.